Our achievements

We partner with the market leaders. We integrate and distribute NCR, Gemalto, TPS, Verifone and Famoco products and services. We work with more than 100 clients including Societe Generale, BNP, CCA, CCC, Mucodec, NSIA, Orabank, Ecobank…

Privileged partners

Projects carried out with the market industrial leaders, for the continent's leading banks

  • We are NCR's preferred partner in the countries where we are present. We deliver and maintain all ATMs within the NCR catalog with their appropriate software suite, for more functionality.
  • Thanks to our know-how and the quality of our services, we have become the preferred supplier of one of the main banks in Côte d'Ivoire and delivered 77 new ATMs in 2019, delivering more services to their customers (classic withdrawals, cash deposits, cardless withdrawals and other upcoming operations such as check deposits, money transfers, contactless transactions, subscription to new banking and non-banking services). Thanks to our maintenance network, these banking services are accessible 24/7 with an availability of over 98%.

  • From our centers, we securely process all your customers' electronic payments and digital transactions, with our partner TPS.
  • We are the privileged partner of one of the main microfinance networks in the Republic of Congo. Thanks to our services, clients of this institution can securely carry out 24/7 all their ATM, Mobile Money and GIMAC transactions. The bank has all the necessary monitoring and reconciliation tools.

  • With our world-leading partner Thales (formerly Gemalto), we provide financial institutions with a full card customization service, from data preparation to card issuance performed at OMOA or directly on customer's site with integrated solutions from Instant Issuance.
  • We personalize each year the cards of 5 partners: one of the leading banks in Cameroon and 4 microfinance institutions. They trust our strength, flexibility, speed and the security of our systems.

Loyal customers
for 20 years

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