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Who are we?

OMOA’s mission is to provide secure and innovative payment methods in Africa, in order to contribute to the economic development of individuals and countries.


Our vision

The Syrse-OMOA group is the leading player in Africa for innovative and secure payment solutions.

For over 20 years, Syrse-OMOA has been present across the entire payment value chain:

OMOA's figures

key figures

2,500 ATMs
in all our countries

6+ millions
transactions processed each year

1.5 million personalized cards
and pin mailers

Our commitments

A company that is committed
to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Minimizing our environmental impact

Recycling of cards

Worn spare parts upcycling

ATM Machine Recycling

Group environmental charter for all our subsidiaries

Responsible business practices

Group-wide ethics charter

Ethics code with all our suppliers

Anti-corruption charter

PCI-DSS certification of our payment processing services

Responsible employer

Numerous training sessions organized for our entire team with the best experts in the field

Partnerships with local schools to train engineers